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The East Valley Evening Team is the newest team of dedicated LWVMP members! This team will be focusing on a variety of issues, including but not limited to sustainability, school equity and transparency of school funding, and women’s equality.

We meet on the third Tuesday of the month.


    Report from the meeting held in April, 2018. Read more here…

    April 2018 Minutes

    Thank you to everyone who attended the LWVMP East Valley Evening Team meeting last night. What a great group of smart, politically aware, and active participants!

    Special appreciation to our fine panel of speakers on issues related to Healthcare. Michelle Dorsey, Mary Ellen Cunningham, and Jana Lynn Granillo provided us with three angles on this complex topic and the challenges facing our state and nation in providing adequate and equitable health care for all.

    Also, thank you to our hostess Tina Jessee for the lovely setting and refreshments. We enjoyed being outside for one of the last chilly evenings before the coming summer.

    The EV Eve Team also welcomes the new LWV Metro Phoenix governing board, elected at the annual League meeting on April 7. New additions include:

    *Chelsea Grieve doing the Voters Voice Newsletter and shepherding the LWVMP website

    *Martha O’Connor and Diana Nashban, co-directors of Member Engagement spearheading LWVMP efforts on the ERA and Maricopa County Elections education and advocacy

    *Dale Kalika, taking up Public Relations and Development, reaching out to our communities to offer information and ask support.

    An unanticipated position has since come open. LWVMP is in need of a financial officer treasurer for our local Metro Phoenix League. This board position entails active deposits, payments, and record keeping as well as working with committees on the annual budgeting and auditing processes. Any member of our EV Eve Team with accounting skills who would like to learn more, please contact nominations coordinator Judy Sirkis at asap.

    Report from the meeting held in March, 2018. Read more here…

    March 2018 Minutes

    Next meeting: Tuesday, April 17 from 6:15 to 8:30 p.m. at the home of Tina Jessee, 12131 E. Cloud Rd., Chandler, AZ 85249. Cross Streets: McQueen (Mesa Dr.) & Chandler Heights. Phone: (480) 620-8152 Thanks, Tina! And congratulations on your new LWV membership!

    Attendees included: Care & Brett Lengel, Karen White, Laura Hudson, Tina Jessee, Dave Wells, Peggy North, Cynthia Lehigh, Gianna (Gia) Walker, and Jana Lynn Granillo. Regrets from Cindy Hans (who was working with Outlaw Dirty Money) and Sheila Motomatsu (who was working on the SRP Board campaign.)

    The meeting opened with introductions, what brought us to LWV, and what has captured our current political or advocacy interests. Just as at the first EV Eve meeting, almost all present are involved in one or more other organizations and political activities. So as a result, every conversation opened up connections with others present. Thus from this network of interests, grew the general plan for the EV Eve meetings.

    Each month, the team will invite a small panel of speakers to deepen our understanding about a topic of interest. A preliminary list of topics was developed and the beginnings of a calendar, tentatively for the 3rd Tuesday evening of each month. For each meeting, an EV Eve member will coordinate, present and/or, if preferred, arrange speaker(s.)

    April 17 meeting: Health Care Issues & Trends by (correct me if I’m wrong:) EV Eve members Karen White and Jana Lynn Granillo, LWVMP president Michelle Dorsey, and LWVMP member Mary Ellen Cunningham.

    Other topics for consideration and suggested month/dates are:
    May 5 - Education Equity in Funding and Access; Focus on AZ Charter Schools

    June 19 Sustainability & Renewable Energies

    July 17 AZ Commissions Voters Can Use: Judging the Judges & Clean Elections

    August 21 Making Democracy Work

    Sept 18 AZ Ballot Propositions for Midterms

    Oct 16 Women’s Rights

    Nov 20 Thanksgiving wk) Press & Propaganda

    Dec 18 2020 Race & Census - Changes Coming

    Thank you to the entire LWVMP EV Eve Team! It’s going to be great learning with you!

    Care Lengel

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