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LWVMP Welcomes Citizens of Kyrgyzstan

LWVMP Members Meet with Citizens of Kyrgyzstan

In February, 2016, Rivko Knox and Marge Thornton had the great opportunity to visit with five very impressive, young, dedicated public servants from Kyrgyzstan.

Of the three men and two women, three of them were elected to village councils, none with a population above 25,000, one worked for a local government; and another was involved in public education. None of them spoke English or had ever been to the United States.

They were accompanied by their facilitator and a translator who spoke English without an accent. Their purpose was to get greater knowledge of how democracy was working here. They shared how in their country power was very centralized. For example, their judges are named or removed by the Central Government. We then had the opportunity to explain how we achieved merit selection of judges in Arizona. In their country they are given an ID card at birth that they use for all government services and voting.

It was inspiring meet with these young people working toward democracy and more responsive governments and a great opportunity to share all the ways the League of Women Voters is specifically addressing their issues in the United States