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LWV of Metro Phoenix Nonpartisan Policy


The League of Women Voters at all levels is a non-partisan organization. Based on member consensus, it takes action on government issues and policies. It does not support or oppose any political party or candidate for public office. It does encourage its members, as individuals, to participate in all aspects of the political process.

Members shall not engage in partisan politics at League functions. In order to circulate a petition at any League meeting, an individual shall receive permission in advance from the Administrative Team.

Members shall not identify themselves as League members when soliciting support for or engaging in partisan politics.

The Membership List in the Directory may be used only for League purposes. Any exception to this rule requires authorization by the Administrative Team.

Any Administrative Team Member who runs for political office above the District level, or who holds a position as a public spokesperson for a political candidate or a political party, shall resign from the Administrative Team. All Administrative Team members shall be publicly non-partisan and avoid any appearance to the contrary when representing the League.

If an Administrative Team member plans to engage in political activity, that member must seek an Administrative Team decision as to whether the activity would affect the community's perception of the league's non-partisanship.

Political activities of a spouse or relative of an Administrative Team Member shall be considered as separate and distinct from the activities of the Administrative Team Members.

Adopted February 28, 2004; revised 2006; readopted 2011; revised 2012