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Voter Event

Event: Voter Registration

November 18, 2017
9am - 1pm
Phx Indian Medical Center
4212 N. 16th St. Phx, AZ 85016

Register voters at PIMC Mega Health Activity Fair on the Patio.

Voter Event

Event: Voter Registration

December 16, 2017
9am - 1pm
Phx Indian Medical Center
4212 N. 16th St. Phx, AZ 85016

Register voters with Indian Health for Holiday Indian Market Day.

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The League of Women Voters Education Fund conducts voter service and citizen education activities. It is a nonpartisan, non-profit public policy educational organization.

LWV builds citizen participation in the democratic process.

LWV studies key community issues at all government levels in an unbiased manner.

LWV enables people to seek positive solutions to public policy issues through education and conflict management.

Find NONPARTISAN local voter education for upcoming elections throughout this site.

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LWVMP Observer Corp August 2017 Report

The Observer Corp has had two orientations in August. The following is a list of current observers.

Rivko Know -
Clean Elections Commission

Mary Schneider -
Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAP)
~ The Commission has had several meetings in July and August because of ongoing disagreements with the Governor’s office. CAP has met with their stakeholders to get input on inclusiveness regarding decision making.

Joan Power -
Maricopa County Elections / Citizen Academy

Bill Poole -
Arizona Corporation Commission

Deb Gain-Bradley -
Tempe City Council
~ The main issue has been Tempe City Council’s plant to develop their ownership portion of Papago Park. Deb was directed to speak with both Judy Levine, what has experience in these development issues and also to Marge Thornton, East Valley team leader.

Nancy Bell -
Glendale City Council

Denise Sanderson -
Phoenix City Council

Lisa Hamilton -
Governor’s Judicial Council

Jane Lynch Granillo -
Maricopa Integrated Health System

We are having our next in-person meeting on October 26, 2017. I have an additional seven individuals that expressed interest, were contacted directly but have not responded back to me.

Submitted by Mary Schneider
Chairperson Observer Corp

We have had a busy summer connecting with all of our volunteers, an orientation on what we are and do, decisions being made on what area one wants to volunteer, understanding how to really explore the topics and players in each observer’s area of interest, and learning how to use the reporting forms.

Special thanks go out to the following new observers who have completed orientation:

Deb Gain and Braley at Tempe City Council
Nancy Bell at Glendale City Council
Joan Powers at Maricopa County Elections Comm/ Citizen Academy
Bill Poole at Arizona Corporation Commission
Barbara Kane Maricopa County Board of Supervisors
Linda Holman-Bentley
at Arizona Corporation Commission
Mary Scheider
at Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board
Rivko Know at Arizona Clean Elections Commission

Interested in participating in the Metro Phoenix League’s Observer Corps? Contact Mary Schneider

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1155 S. Power Rd. Suite 114-58
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