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Liaison Report Summarizing LWVUS Consensus on MIP

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LWV’s Money In Politics Discussion Group

Consider joining the discussion group, which will continue as a platform for sharing information and networking about what Leagues can do and are doing to reform money in politics at the federal, state and local levels of government. Members of the 2014-16 LWVUS MIP Committee are available as resources for League leaders. We hope for very active discussions and look forward to your postings.

MIP and Constitutional Amendments (CA) are part of the League-wide 2016-18 Campaign for Making Democracy Work adopted at the LWVUS Convention. The new positions will be included in the “LWVUS Impact on Issues, 2016-18” available at online soon.
The MIP position:
Replaces the LWVUS Campaign Finance position which predated Court decisions that upended campaign finance regulation and unleashed big money into politics
Addresses First Amendment issues: whether the League believes all spending to influence an election is protected speech
Can be applied to federal campaigns, as well as to state and local

Action on a proposed amendment to the US Constitution is federal. If you have questions about a specific amendment, please contact LWVUS and let US know, 1) the language of the constitution amendment itself, and 2) the specific language from LWVUS positions supporting the language of the proposed amendment. You can use the
Federal Action Request form.

What we achieved in our extensive efforts on MIP and CA over the past two years:
League members nationwide are well informed on those complex issues
Leagues are fortified with strong positions to take action on Money in Politics and Constitutional Amendments
Compared with our previous position on Campaign Finance, the new MIP position is stronger, clearer, better defined and more nuanced
The League is alone among advocacy organizations in having undertaken in-depth study of how the US constitution can be amended and its implications for protecting our democracy.

Now’s the time to identify opportunities to reform money in politics and support those states where real change is possible. And Leagues in many states are already deeply involved in successful advocacy. But there isn’t a state that doesn’t need more transparency, more disclosure and strong enforcement of ethics and campaign finance laws. If the League is successful in moving our states in a positive direction, then what excuse does Congress have for continuing to avoid its responsibility to fix enforcement, pass the DISCLOSE Act and meaningfully define independent expenditures?

We invite you to review the new positions and the tools that we have provided to support League reform efforts in your state and communities.
~Barbara Zia
LWV MIP Google Group

Election Systems

Major Election Systems

Election Security

Voter ID - Arizona law requires voters provide specific government identification to register and/or to vote at the polls.

Approved ID List
AZ Law Challenged in Supreme Court 2013

Ballot Box Security Articles

AZ Elections are Secure
Rigging Elections
Voter Fraud Myth


Gerrymandering Article
A very interesting and informative article on the dynamics around the impact of the eventual Supreme Court decisions re: the gerrymandering case in Wisconsin.

LWVAZ worked hard to help pass laws by initiative that created the AZ Independent Redistricting Commission. AZ IRC will be looking for qualified applicants for the next round of redistricting following the 2020 census.

Redistricting Congress

Supreme Court Upholds One Person, One Vote

LWVUS on Redistricting
Throughout the U.S., LWV supports independent (non-legislative) redistricting procedures for legislative districts so that district boundaries reflect the needs of voters in population, voting rights, and geographic sense, rather that the needs of potentially partisan legislators.

LWVUS Redistricting and Apportionment

Redistricting Task Force

AZ Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC)

LWVMP Studies Redistricting AZ
In 2014, Dr. Anne S Schneider presented background and issues related to redistricting at the LWVMP Phoenix Community Team meeting. “What’s the Issue”

Redistricting Resources and Court Cases
Fair Vote Archives

US Constitution

US Constitution PDF

Clean Elections
Latest Meeting Report

CCEC November 2017 Meeting

Clean Elections

Clean Elections Website

LWV Summary of Clean Elections

“The Citizens Clean Elections Act was passed by voters in 1998 to promote participation in the political process and to ensure Arizona’s politics are free from corruption. This includes voter education, public financing of campaigns and campaign finance enforcement. The commission is an independent state agency made up of individuals who have sworn to faithfully administer the Clean Elections Act.”
~Thomas Collins, AZ Capitol Times

LWV Reports on CCEC Meetings

CCEC Report Jan, 2018
CCEC Report Aug, 2017
CCEC Report July, 2017
CCEC Report June, 2017
CCEC Report May, 2017
CCEC Report Jan, 2017
CCEC Report Oct, 2016
CCEC Report Sep, 2016
CCEC Report Aug, 2016
CCEC Report July, 2016
CCEC Report June, 2016
CCEC Options Presentation
CCEC Report May, 2016


Since 1974, Arizona voters have benefitted from a judicial merit selection and retention program. Here is how it works. Nonpartisan commissions evaluate judicial applicants for the Governor’s appointment. Then judges up for retention election in all appellate courts statewide and trial court judges in Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal counties are evaluated by the Judicial Performance Review Commission (JPR) who vote if whether a judge meets or does not meet judicial performance standards. Results of each JPR vote appear online and in the Secretary of State’s Voter Pamphlet along with state Ballot Propositions.
AZ Judicial Performance Review Commission Website

AZ Judicial Performance Review Basics

AZ Judicial Performance Review - Finish the Ballot (YouTube)

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on AZ Merit Selection of Judges
LWV helped craft and pass merit selection of judges and judicial performance review in Arizona. According to Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, “After Merit Selection was enacted in 1974, I saw the changes over the years. It’s been good for Arizona. We have excellent judges here. The merit selection system works well.”

LWV Supports Merit Selection & JPR

LWVAZ & LWVMP helped to create and support Merit Selection.

2012 LWVAZ Statement Against Prop 115 for Secretary of State’s Voter Pamphlet.

Judiciary & Politics

AZ Merit Selection System

Spending Surges in Important State Judicial Races

Maricopa County Government

Board of Supervisors Meetings
Maricopa County Community Colleges Governing Board

Maricopa County Study Reports

The LWVMP East Valley Community Team studies Maricopa County Government, presented the findings to the entire local League, and took action by presenting classes on county government at local community colleges. Below are some of the reports.
Maricopa County Government Study
Maricopa County Row Officers


Maricopa County Education Service Agency LIST OF SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES

Maricopa County District Bonds & Override Elections

Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board

MCCCD Governing Board Candidates

Maricopa County Recorder

Roundtable Recap November 2017

Healthcare & Reproductive Rights

LWV on Healthcare & Reproductive Rights
LWV Position Statement; “Women’s Reproductive Health - The League believes in the constitutional right to privacy and trusts women to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions. We support the inclusion of reproductive health care, including birth control and abortion coverage, in any health benefits package. We believe that denying women access to health care services because of ill-defined religious or moral objections is discrimination based on sex. We actively oppose attempts to repeal the reproductive health services provided under the Affordable Care Act.”

LWVMP President Dr. Michelle Dorsey on Healthcare - OpEd Sun City Independent

Important Papers
Access to Healthcare Coverage: ACA Marketplace and Medicaid

The Affordable Care Act

Employer Sponsored Healthcare

The Future of Healthcare Coverage for Women

Healthcare Around the World

Health Means More than Healthcare


Healthcare News

How ObamaCare Helps AZ Residents

Reproductive News

LWVUS statement on Affordable Health Care & Women’s Reproductive Rights.

LWVUS Position on Health Care

LWVUS History of Supporting a Women’s Right to Choose


The League Statement on DACA Reversal

By: Sarah Courtney

Washington DC - The Trump administration announced their intention to reverse the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, leaving the fate of 800,000 immigrants in jeopardy. The League of Women Voters president Chris Carson issued the following statement.

“This administration’s decision to rescind the ‘Dreamers’ program is shameful and does not serve national interest.

As a country of immigrants, we are made stronger by our diversity. Yet time and time again, this administration has discriminated against immigrants and communities of color.

Reversing the DACA policy will have a devastating impact on our economy Ending this program will increase unemployment.

Thousands of the Dreamers protected by DACA were brought to this country as babies and have no memories of their birth country. These individuals are paying taxes, contributing to Social Security and are Americans in everything but the name.

The League of Women Voters is opposed to the deportation of non-criminal undocumented immigrants and we urge congress to pass a clean Dreamers Act to protect, not turn away, the 800,000 young people who were brought to the United States as children.”

Contact: Sarah Courtney | 202-263-1332 | Email


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Join the League of Women Voters and 12 other forum cosponsors for a discussion on the crisis in public education. Learn facts, impacts, and what we can do.

Please attend the forum beginning at 6pm at the Dysart Education Center OR livestream the forum beginning on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 6:30pm.

Morrison Institute reports on ACLU study
“Children with Disabilities and the Use of Restraints and Seclusion”

AZ Charter Schools & Financial Practices
Charter Schools Use Taxpayer Funds for Questionable Transactions

The AZ Republic Editorial Board Weighs in on Charter School Finances
Lax Rules Endanger Charters


Quality Education
LWV consistently supports quality public education.

Questions for Candidates

Video from Non-Partisan AZ Children’s Action Alliance and AZ Schools Now. 4 questions on education to ask each AZ candidate.

Maricopa County School Elections

Current List of Maricopa County Education Service Agency School Board Candidates

Arizona School Districts’ Website Listing

Maricopa County District Bonds & Override Elections

Other Maricopa County School Elections

Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board

Climate Change

Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network (WECAN) notes by LWVMP President Michelle Dorsey HERE


Annual Global Analysis for 2016: 2016 was the Third Successive Global Year Warmth

Arizona Water Use

Air Quality
Coming soon…

End of Life

A friend once said, “We do not end our lives, we complete them.”

LWVMP C&C Article on End of Life Planning by Care Lengel

End of Life Choices - A LWVAZ White Paper by Margot Champagne, Barbara Robertson, Kathy Schwarz, Barbara Klein, and Valerie Ellien

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