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LWV Resources on Money in Politics

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  • Links to new positions on Money in Politics, Amending the US Constitution (2 positions: considerations for evaluating CA proposals; conditions for calling for Art. 5 Constitutional Conventions), and Redistricting (adopted by concurrence at LWVUS Convention)
  • Link to "MIP: Action in the States" issue paper
  • Link to "Money in Politics State Template of Campaign Finance Regulation"
  • List of comprehensive legislation to address the major loopholes created by Citizens United and other Supreme Court decisions and an Action planning guide

Consider joining LWV's Money In Politics (MIP) discussion group
This group will continue as a platform for sharing information and networking about what Leagues can do and are doing to reform money in politics at the federal, state and local levels of government. Members of the 2014-16 LWVUS MIP Committee are available as resources for League leaders. We hope for very active discussions and look forward to your postings.

Here are some FAQs about the MIP and CA positions.

MIP and CA are part of the League-wide 2016-18 Campaign for Making Democracy Work® adopted at the LWVUS Convention.
The new positions will be included in the "LWVUS Impact on Issues, 2016-18" available at online soon.

The MIP position:

  • Replaces the LWVUS Campaign Finance position which predated Court decisions that upended campaign finance regulation and unleashed big money into politics
  • Addresses First Amendment issues: whether the League believes all spending to influence an election is protected speech
  • Can be applied to federal campaigns, as well as to state and local

Action on a proposed amendment to the US Constitution is federal. If you have questions about a specific amendment, please contact LWVUS and let us know: 1) the language of the constitutional amendment itself, and 2) the specific language from LWVUS positions supporting the language of the proposed amendment. You can use the Federal Action Request form

What did we achieve in our extensive efforts on MIP and CA over the past two years?

  • League members nationwide are well informed on these complex issues.
  • Leagues are fortified with strong positions to take action on Money in Politics and Constitutional Amendments.
  • Compared with our previous position on Campaign Finance, the new MIP position is stronger, clearer, better defined and more nuanced.
  • The League is alone among advocacy organizations in having undertaken in-depth study of how the US constitution can be amended and its implications for protecting our democracy.

Now's the time to identify opportunities to reform money in politics and support those states where real change is possible. And Leagues in many states are already deeply involved in successful advocacy. But there isn't a state that doesn't need more transparency, more disclosure and stronger enforcement of ethics and campaign finance laws. If the League is successful in moving our states in a positive direction, then what excuse does Congress have for continuing to avoid its responsibility to fix enforcement, pass the DISCLOSE Act and meaningfully define independent expenditures?

We invite you to review the new positions and the tools that we have provided to support League reform efforts in your states and communities.

Barbara Zia Moderator, LWV Money in Politics Google Group