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Petition Days of Summer



LWVAZ supports Referendum petitions to refer HB2404 and SB1431
Stop these laws & refer them to the November 2018 General Election for public vote!


Stop HB2404 - (Restrictive law on initiatives & referenda petitions - no pay-per-signature for gatherers)

During July, LWV members can get petitions, drop them off, and get them notarized at these Collection Locations: (Visit #Refer2404 for more info!)

  • The Hop Stop Diner, 7013 N 58th Ave, Glendale. Wednesdays from 7 to 8pm
  • Fair Trade Coffee 1020 N 1st Ave, Phoenix. Saturdays at 3:30
  • North East Valley / Scottsdale, Coffee Plantation, 7366 E Shea Blvd #101, Scottsdale. Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 PM
  • Far East Valley / Apache Junction, Starbucks inside Fry's, 185 Apache Trail, Apache Junction. Every other Sunday (Starting June 4 from 1 to 3PM.)

    LWVAZ is passing petitions. Completed petitions must be signed by the circulator and notarized. A notary will be at each location. Contact #Refer2404

July 15 - #Refer2404 Canvas Your Community Day

All petitions must be submitted to Secretary of State before August 1.

2. Stop SB1431

Stop SB1431 (Empowerment Scholarship Account Expansion aka school vouchers)

Letter from LWVAZ Encouraging League members to SIGN THE STRONG SCHOOLS PLEDGE! Read more.


LWVAZ has endorsed the referendum being conducted by Save Our Schools (SOS) to try to stop the implementation of the Empowerment Scholarship Account (voucher) expansion bill passed by the AZ Legislature during the last session. LWVAZ lobbied against SB1431, which takes money out of public schools that are already underfunded & provides for very little oversight in terms of the 'public funds' provided to parents for the education of their children. Find out more at SOS Arizona

Press: School voucher program `riddled with errors(via AZ Central & Morrison Institute)

All petitions must be submitted to Secretary of State before August 1.

AZ's Constitutional Direct Democracy in Action

Article II of the AZ State Constitution provides 2 ways for citizens to take a direct democratic action

The Arizona summer heat is the time to get petitions signed to refer laws passed by the Legislature but not yet in effect to the ballot of the next general election. (Referendum)

And summer is the time to get petitions by citizen groups to approved for public vote at the next general election. (Initiative)

LWVAZ is supporting several petitions this summer.

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