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LWVMP & 95th Anniversary of the LWV

by Care Lengel

How inspiring to hear about our forebears and friends, about our national League roots and our local League history! Since 1941, these Phoenix citizens contributed to our community, and they helped shaped Phoenix and Arizona today.

Local League leaders (those remembered today and those sitting here in front of me) have all contributed! You registered voters, published pamphlets on propositions, held candidate forums, ran units, and encouraged voters to vote! Leaguers changed laws; worked for better government and better elections; and kept the public eye turned on officials and official policies from the environment to health care to fair elections. You, all, made the League what it is today.

Now, is a crucial moment for the League of Voters of Metro Phoenix. As we look backward today from this “corner in time,” (Grace Slick, 1968) we also look into the future.  My mom, Skeet, said that as one grows older, one must accept what she can do or not do. Today, each of us can still contribute and can encourage others to participate in democracy that is “of, by, and for the people” (paraph. Gettysberg Address.)

Leaguers of the past and you here today are leading our League into still making a difference! Every time one reads the paper, writes a letter, shares an email, calls a candidate, sends a great event to post online, researches a bill on Arizona’s ALIS website, uses the Legislature’s RTS (Request to Speak) system, or pays League dues, she is still contributing to today’s League. Every time a Leaguer registers a voter, educates a citizen, or speaks to power, hammers kids, grandkids, and their friends about getting involved, or sends in a donation, she grows Metro League for the future.

So, I congratulate the Metro League. May we cherish memories of our past. May we seek ways we can contribute today. And may we honor and challenge ourselves to still serve our state’s future, however we can for as long as we can. Here’s to Leaguers, past, present, and future!

We are a non-partisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. We serve those living in a large part of Maricopa County.

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LWV MP Calendar for 2015

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Request to Speak (RTS)

The RTS system allows Arizonans to comment on bills before the House and Senate committees that are assigned to manage these bills.   The RTS allows Arizonans to have their comments read into the public record of the bill, which is a great achievement for Arizona Citizens.  Visit the RTS and register online and start following bills and commenting!

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Merit Selection Works!

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LWV Metro Phoenix Teams Study Topics

Phoenix Team

Meets: Usually the second Wednesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at The Terraces, 7550 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ. Coffee and treats are served. Contact: Barb Robertson

Is currently studying: Money in Politics (Including dark money & Citizen’s United Act,; Constitutional Amendment  Processes; and Redistricting, ) This is a LWV US national study.

East Valley Team

Meets : Usually the third Thursday of each month at 11:30 a.m.

Bring your lunch to Marge Thornton’s home in Tempe.

Is currently studying:  Maricopa County Government (including roles of county officials; money in elections, and potential reforms)

To Email Marge Thornton, you will have to fill out this form to contact her:

Comments or questions are welcome.

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  2. Citizens’ United Changed Almost Everything: Campaign Finace with Particular Emphasis on Arizona
  3. Redistricting the U.S. Congress: What’s the Issue? – With Particular Emphasis on Arizona

 LWV Metro Phoenix Remembrances 2015

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