LWV for Life

Spotlighting LWVMP 50 Year Members!

While LWV Metro Phoenix has had great growth in the last few years, LWV Metro Phoenix values the contributions of all our elder members. So many LIFE members who have served our League and our community for 30, 40, 50 years or more! Skeet Blakeslee’s daughter Care Lengel and Dee Sirkis’ daughter Judy Sirkis want to honor your efforts, benefit from your insights and experience, and be inspired by your wisdom. So please share your story!

Are you a LWV Life Member? Will you provide your story? You can choose how.

EMAIL your answers to the questions on the below form to Care.

2. Ask a friend or family member to ask you the questions on the form and take notes to email to Care.

3. To request a phone interview,
EMAIL Judy to be contacted. If you prefer, you can call Judy at (480) 949-0205.

LWV for Life Interview Form

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